I really want to try homestuck (blame my girlfriend), but I don’t really wanna read it myself. Is there a good video of a reading of Homestuck (not by youtuber CoLabHQ)?

You could always try… Always Homestuck! It’s a really high quality production, although it’s still only in Act 2. But while they update a little slowly, their video content more than makes up for it, and you can bet it’s got a dedicated cast and crew!

There’s also Let’s Read Genderstuck, which is a frequently updating Homestuck dub with gender spectrum swapped characters! They’re pretty far along as well, already fairly decently into Act 5.

And for Spanish speaking folks, there’s a new dub of Homestuck entirely done in Spanish, and it is fantastic, I really recommend checking it out! I don’t even speak the language, and I am very impressed.

Give them all a listen. A lot of people put a lot of effort into the projects, so I hope you can enjoy!


That girl talks like the dead, don’t you go near her, boy


Troll Horns are now available at What Pumpkin

Currently, only Aradia’s, Tavros’ and Karkat’s horns are available, but we’ll be releasing more in due time!


oh dear


john karkat turned four this month


This is what people thought the trolls would look like five years ago.

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Could you do something cute with Feferi? Like jazz hands or something?


Once ur a homestuck it sticks with u it never goes away like ur gonna be 35 and settled down with a spouse and 2 kids or a pet and the clocks gonna say 4:13 and ur gonna be like fuck


We did it guys. Homestuck is so weird, even 4chan doesn’t know how to weird out Homestucks.


scout’s mom talksprite

finally made some new expressions!!!

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my room in case anybody forgot that i am still 1000% HOMESTUCK TRASH


a fef

» I don’t understand why Chinese HumanStuck!Terezi isn’t a more popular headcanon.

She’s really into dragons and the colour red. She has narrower eyes than all the other trolls.

I’m gonna poop on all you ginger Terezi Plebs.



And it’s GO TIME!

[S] Rex Duodecim Angelus is on Youtube and ready for your enjoyment.

I am so, so, so, so proud of us.

Check out this amazing work of art!