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In honor of the two conflicting holidays




Usain Bolt posing with his winning tortoise at a tortoise race

are you telling me the fastest man in the world spends his free time racing slow ass animals

And his is the fastest of those slow ass animals

I’m so unimaginative that I can’t imagine any of the Homestuck trolls as not having black hair, so basically none of my humanstuck headcanons are white.



The fact that this year Easter is on 4/20 just makes this pic even better

blaze it and praise it



Today felt like a black lipstick kind of day

you are so important. 

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wooHOO im done dyeing my hair


contortionist pearl..


her and Garnet are my favourites

Man, I’m so hype about this comic dub I’m working on.

It’s only 2 minutes or so long, but probably the most ambitious thing I’ve done yet, so I’m pretty excited.

I'm in love! But what should I say?


Say you are in love!Who are you in love with?

Tell me now! Do you have a crush?

Do you love me? I love you! Wow!

Exciting times in the household.




tumblr activist 

im having fun





Some people wanted them as stickers/shirts for miraculous reasons and now you can buy them at redbubble! I won’t earn much but would be really cool to support an artist who really needs to earn some money again.

Check them out!

These all have significant problems. 

"Real feminists" encompass a very large number of people who should not be policed. Given the context of gendered oppression, feminists who have been victimized by men should not be demanded to contain their feelings to fit your ideal of feminism. To put it most simply, feminists that hate men, don’t hate men because they’re feminists, but might hate men regardless, and that is not incompatible with wanting an end to gender based oppression, and feminism at large. 

"Boys are not disposable" could be a good statement in context, but it squicks me out in the context of the rest of these, in that it seems to imply that men are necessary to women. Given the last several hundred years of economic servitude women have had in a patriarchal system, this statement is opposite to "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle," and the former is as harmful as that later is necessary. 

And different but equal? Like that has never been used to justify the continued subjugation and exploitation of women. 

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